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Friday, July 8, 2011


Share with us your ideas for events for ASID this coming school year!


Keith and Wendy Puffer said...

I'd like to see one of the corkboards in the center hall hallway decorated with asid news and events.

Emily Ann Litke said...

Great idea. would help keep everyone informed about events, etc. It would also be nice to have a space to display the ASID members' profiles we worked on collecting last year.

Wendy--Have you heard anything from IWUMart about the metal shelving for the hallway? I still think it would be nice to move some of our materials library out there. I would really make the room look less cluttered.

Keith and Wendy Puffer said...

I haven't heard from the IWU mart. We are likely going to have a portion of the room next to us, so that could give use more storage possibly.

sadieflynn said...

Hello Everyone!!! :) It is soo nice to hear from you all again:) I hope i am posting on the right blog; I was off my email and this blog for a while and have been bombarded since I have starting checking it again:) I loved are original idea we had all came up with for the member "map". I believe we started on it, sent out the email asking for information and a photo, but we have not done anything more. I also love how we now have space and board to post ASID thing on. Have we decided ona date or time to all get together and meet before school starts. I feel like the sunday before or that monday will be best for me. Another idea I have is to set a certain day every 2 weeks or somethign that we will always meet for ASID. It has been a struggle in teh past to meet and I think if we have a set schedual to get into that would help. I cant wait to hear from you all agin!